through the lemon lens

Through The Lemon Lens: A Sunday Stroll

We woke up this morning to another light dusting of snow (basically just ice). However, since the Sun was shining I decided to wrap up warm and go for a little walk, that actually turned into a pretty big walk lasting two and a half hours.

Now British people always joke/moan about the weather, but we really have good reason too. Shortly after I set off the Sun decided to hide away and within just a couple of hours it showered three times, the sky went deep grey and as I reached the top of my road it decided to pour down leaving me soaked through. So I started off needing sunglasses and ended needing a very large umbrella.

With the obligatory weather rant aside, I will say that it was lovely to spend a Sunday¬†morning getting some fresh air. I walked into town all around the City walls of Chester and all the way back home. It was pretty icy in some parts, which left the walls being a little dangerous as there aren’t many hand rails. Earlier on in the morning everywhere looked so pretty as it glistened in the sunshine.

I thought I’d share some photos from my walk that show the sights of Chester. I find morning walks so calming, it really clears my mind and makes me feel so much better. My favourite spots are the Bowling Green’s where my Grandad used to play and along the River Dee. It has been a long time since I walked that far, but I won’t be leaving it so long again!

Hannah xo

P1040160P1040193 P1040181 P1040190 P1040178 P1040179 P1040175 P1040170 P1040168 P1040165



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