My 2015 Mission: Confidence

Three weeks into the New Year and I finally realise what my main goal for 2015 is; confidence. Throughout 2014 I learnt many lessons I know will prove vital throughout my life. I met a lot of amazing (for want of a better word) people, with each one inspiring me in some way. However, many times I feel I hold myself back and do what we are guilty of and compare myself with other people of my age, or even celebrities who appear to have the “perfect life.” Yet we know that deep down, behind money, designer sunglasses and hotel doors, there is a human with feelings, thoughts and real life problems. Granted, they might have the resources to deal with them better than most but those feelings are likely still the same.

2015 is the year I want to be comfortable in my own skin. That may be by improving my health, self care, trying out new hairstyles or outfits but most of all I’d like to be able to walk into a room and not shrink into myself. Having confidence in ourselves is not something we should ever have to apologise for. When I say confidence of course I don’t mean that annoying-cocky-egotistical-oh-so-full-of-myself type of confidence. Confidence to me, means feeling content and comfortable. This will be the year I will free myself from my own expectations and do not put myself down more than I say “I did good today.” 2015 the year of the “I can and I will.”

Hannah xo




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