2014: The Lessons

Happy New Year! 2015. Twenty bloomin’ Fifteen. How?! 

As crazy as this is I feel ready to make sense of it all. I’m not entirely sure what this year is going to look like, seeing as I don’t have any big plans set up. I’m choosing to look at this as a sense of freedom, not revolving my life around any events. I’ll be taking each month as it comes, with the only plans so far being heading back to university and work.

So, what lessons did I learn in 2014?

1. Having a little faith in yourself goes a long way.


Doing a L’Oreal hair swish in Chicago. “You’re worth it”.

You don’t need to have an ego as big as Kanye but let’s face it if you don’t even believe in yourself, who will? Whether is trying a new hobby, applying for a new job, exams, making new friends, wearing an outfit that you always thought was too “out there” for you, whatever it is just smile and be you.

2. The people in your life are what make it special.


Laughter by the lake

You might have the handbag, shoes, car, posh hotels, money and you may visit the most beautiful places… But what is all that without the people you love being there with you, every step of the way. Not necessarily in person, but knowing they are there to support you, knowing they care and that you care for them too, unconditionally (it’s okay if you sang the Katy Perry song) is what really matters. I’ve had some incredible moments this year, which I shared with new friends that now mean the world to me. Having my friends and family from home there to witness those moments would have been perfect. The Atlantic Ocean unfortunately made that part difficult. But just by talking and sending photos we were still a part of each others lives. Having independence is life changing, although, nothing is better than sharing a joke, story, song or even a rant about your day, with those closest to your heart.

3. Remember to live in the moment.

A spot in Central Park where I spent over an hour journaling, despite freezing temperatures. I was trying my hardest to write down everything I was feeling about my final day in the states.

A spot in Central Park where I spent over an hour journaling, despite freezing temperatures. I was trying my hardest to write down everything I was feeling about my final day in the states.

2014 has been a year of wanderlust, challenges and learning. We are all guilty of failing to truly be in the moment and sometimes lose sight of our priorities in life. That is natural and oh so easily done. It keeps us “productive” and allows the world to keep ticking over. However, every now and then it is important to be mindful, even if only for five minutes throughout your day. Put down the technology, stop thinking about money and look out the window or go outside if your view is nothing but a car park, like mine. Take everything in and just breathe. Throughout this year I tried to remember to put down my camera and stop trying to capture every single moment, instead of living in it. Especially on my travels, I tried so hard to remember those moments as they were, the sights, smells, weather, people, conversations, etc. 21st century technology is amazing, of course. I’m grateful to have photo’s of those moments too. It’s just necessary sometimes to unplug and look through our eyes and not a camera lens.

There are so many things I learnt in 2014. These are just a few that are the most meaningful to me.

Wishing you happiness, luck and health for 2015.

Hannah xo


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