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A Slice of Adventure: Chicago

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5.30am wake up call. Totally worth it.

We crammed a lot into our day in Chicago, my poor feet didn’t know what had hit them. The city centre is very walkable actually. I was definitely surprised by that. I took screen shots of directions to where we knew we wanted to head to, definitely helps.

I was blown away by the views from the Skydeck – we definitely timed it right with the sun set, it was just beautiful. Afterwards, we headed over to Giordano’s, (conveniently close to the Skydeck) since we heard this was the best deep dish pizza in town. Oh yes, it most definitely is. My half was packed with layers of pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers and onion. Heaven.

I love being in a city in all seasons, but there is something about Christmas time which makes everything seem, you guessed it, magical. Lights, Christmas tree’s and music everywhere. There were speakers playing carols from within the decorations lining the pavements. An ice rink below the Bean at Millennium Park and an usual amount of people wearing Santa hats.

Next time I visit Chicago, which I fully intend to do I’d love to explore other parts and gain a new perspective. That’s another thing I love about cities. So many hidden gems to discovers, shops, cafe’s, concert venues, bars and so much history.

A short and sweet adventure in Chicago.

Hannah xo


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