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Through the Lemon Lens (food edition)

If the US is not your home, you are likely to be shocked (be that for good or bad reasons) the first time you see/eat/smell American food. 1) the portion sizes are probably ten times bigger than what you’re used to 2) you can find fried EVERYTHING 3) so much sugar 4) so much salt 5) so cheap. At first it’s amazing; you’ve never seen anything like it before. Months later, you feel sick at the thought of eating. American food is so mind boggling to me I just had to share this craziness with you.


Chicago Deep Dish Pizza


Cookie Dough Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory


Cake Boss


Hersheys Smore’s


Cookie Jar, freshly baked.


This pizza would be the size of my arm!!!


Mint Sundae from Malley’s, Cleveland


Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake from Sonic


BGSU Diwali Dinner (not technically American but sooooo delicious)


Philly Cheesesteak


Steak n Shake


Final Pancake Breakfast in New York City


3kg tub of Nutella!!!

Apologies if I made you feel peckish or sick but I just had too! Of course this is not a list that represents all of America, just what I’ve had the pleasure of chinning. Don’t forget about BBQ, Soul Food and Tender Greens of California! Safe to say some of my meals were delicious, some were not so. I have definitely been craving good old British grub of Yorkshire’s and gravy!

or steak pie…

or fish and chips….

or a fry up…

or a good cuppa…

The list goes on!

Hannah xo


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