lemonade letters

Lemonade Letters #7: November & “The Moment”

Dear November,

Sometimes the path we believe we are supposed to take isn’t always the right path. I’m learning that, slowly. For someone who obsesses over the future, loves to plan and continuously daydreams about “the goal”, I’ve done a pretty good job of surprising myself with certain decisions I’ve made. Accepting that the path is not a smooth one actually brings a feeling of relief. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I feel like screaming “just for once can something go to plan?!” but in the end, I know this is the story of my life and there’s always lessons learned.

Being a planner, I have to remind myself to just be in the moment, accept something are not instantaneous and I cannot always have my mind off somewhere else whilst life is still happening right in front of me. Concerts are a great place to do this. To let everything else go and simply sing the words to those tunes I know and love, with friends I love. In a culture fixated on capturing moments, with cameras, smartphones, tweets and status’, vlogs, blogs, snapchats and all the rest of it, I can’t help but think in doing this we miss out on a part of the moment. Just to look around, breathe and try to soak in every inch of the atmosphere.

I’m grateful for technology. I’ve been able to share moments with friends and family across the ocean and capture places and people throughout my journey so that I can remember them for years to come. And I love that, I really do. But we can’t always look at life through a screen. So November, I made a conscious effort to be in “The Moment” for a while this month. To enjoy the company of others, to appreciate the little things and to be aware of what is right in front of me. I learned a lot, that’s for sure.

Until next year,

Hannah xo


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