oh hi, ohio

Oh hi, Ohio: Reaching Out


Thank you to my beautiful friend Maggie for the photo

Throughout this month I’ve been trying my hardest to make the most of every opportunity and to push myself further out of my comfort zone. We get daily campus updates that do tend to clog up my inbox but if you give them a glance they’re actually pretty useful. There is always tons of stuff going on around campus; fundraisers, free food, discussions series, exclusive lectures, art, music and theatre events, society meetings, concerts, you name it. Usually my friends and I ask each other in our group message if anyone wants to check something out. Maggie and myself have been to see art exhibitions and films, including a Halloween screening of Frankenstein, which I thought was a fun alternative than walking to bars in -13 degree weather.

Pushing myself to go to these kinds of things, sometimes alone, has meant that I have met new people, had a laugh and learnt something along the way. I hate walking into a room full of people I don’t know (as many of us do) especially when you have a different accent to most. This only makes you feel as if you are screaming “LOOK AT ME, PLEASE!” Usually I go bright red, even if I don’t feel embarrassed. The feeling of people and their beady eyes looking at me sends waves of panic. However, I am trying to train myself to not go into flight mode. Some days are better than others. Like the time I went to a meeting for a new society about female empowerment. It was great to sit down and be real about how we feel, both individually and collectively, as females. We shared funny stories, personal feelings and discussed why we feel this way and how could we change things. I genuinely had fun chatting over pizza to girls who thought like I did. Other days aren’t so great, but I’m working on it. That’s just how life goes.

The point is sometimes we can get too comfortable, too set in our ways, too worried about time and so on. Sometimes opportunities present themselves to you, other times you have to go out and find or make them happen.

By reaching out, who knows what good may come?

Hannah xo


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