lemonade letters

Lemonade Letters #6: October & Resilience


I found a little house with a little piece of home during my stay in Philadelphia

Dear October,

Last month I found myself reflecting on the past. This month I’ve been looking forward, trying my best to use what I’ve learned in the past to carve my future. One thing I struggled with in the past is putting my thoughts into action. Not this time.

I was thinking about how I could get involved more at Keele when I return, when I received an email about applications for student representatives. So I applied and now I’ve been elected to be the representative for second year American Studies. It’s a small step but an important one for me. A year ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of putting myself forward for such a role, simply because of nerves. It just goes to show how far I’ve come and I’m slowly but surely becoming less anxious about the road ahead.

I consider this a lesson in resilience. Despite exhaustion, restlessness, anxiety and self doubt October has taught me to keep going. I recognize that in moments of anxiety we need to acknowledge it, not sweep it under the carpet, remove the pressure from ourselves and then learn to move on. When I find those moments when I pick myself up and carry on, I feel like a different person. Just clicking submit on an application that to some would seem trivial, to me felt like progress.

This month I also met my Mum’s pen pal who she’s been writing to for over 50 years. I wasn’t born the last time she visited England so it was great to finally meet the person who I’ve heard so much about and spend 4 days getting to know her family in Philadelphia. If I hadn’t of pushed on through my first year of university I would not have met her this year, because I wouldn’t be here in America!

October was a month I remembered to “keep going” because doing so leads to you to some of the best experiences in life.

Until next year,

Hannah xo


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