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Oh hi, Ohio: The bigger picture



This morning’s crisp weather reminded me of home. It was cold enough to wear a coat and scarf but the sky was pure blue and the sunlight made everything glisten; my favourite. As usual I made a trip to a local coffee shop for breakfast and tried to tackle the mountain of reading I have. Two midterms down, one to go. The hard work has been paying off so far and hopefully I can keep it up!

Lately, I’ve been feeling so inspired. The most I have been since arriving. My friends, professors, the town and beautiful campus have all inspired somewhat it the few weeks. Seeing other people speak so passionately about their beliefs and subjects made me realise I have passions too, even if I don’t know how to articulate them sometimes. I may have written before about how being here has made me want to get more involved with my university back home. Well, I made the first step – I applied to become a representative for my course! Which means if I’m elected, I will be able to voice opinions of our experiences as students, address any problems and work with members of staff to improve the overall experience in our department (plus it would be a bonus on my CV). Fingers crossed!

Being here has also given me real clarity on my career aims. I know that working with non-profit organisations is where my heart lies. Which means now is the time to “get it together” and work out what I need to do to achieve my goals.

Despite being such a small community I don’t think I’ve ever come across such an active place. Of course, it’s a college town so the university really is the soul of the town. But the local residents are just as lively as the students. Every Global Connections event I go there are people of all ages, entire families from around the community come to support the charity and support us international students. They really care about how we are doing, they remember our names, where we are from, offer us food and tell us things about their own culture and lives. Even in the coffee shop I study people watch in, there are all kinds of meetings going on and games and music being played.

I also learnt about a place called The Common Good, which is basically a house that is open to the community. You are free to go whenever you want, food is often available, even yoga classes apparently! If you need to talk, relax, socialize they welcome you. I’m constantly surprised by this town, it is quirky and special in it’s own wonderful way. Everywhere in the states is unique (or strange) in it’s own way.

That’s what fascinates me about this country.

Hannah xo


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