a slice of adventure

A Slice of Adventure: Indianapolis

After 6 or 7 weeks without leaving Ohio I was definitely getting withdrawal symptoms from the buzz of travelling.

New people, sights, sounds, way of life, the list is endless.

One of the perks of living in the Global Village at my dorm is the opportunity to learn about different places and cultures. Whether it be through conversations with residents from around the world, cooking events or through the trips on offer. The trip to Indianapolis unfortunately fell on the Saturday of Homecoming Weekend, which meant I missed one of the biggest football games of the year. Gutted. But since the game is so bloody long I probably wouldn’t be able to grin and bare the cold weather for the entire game anyway.

So off I went.

A 4 hour drive for American’s is not long at all but I was very skeptical about this day trip and its 8 hours of driving. I’m British of course I was.

The first stop was BARcelona a tapas restaurant, who kindly accommodated for 30 odd hungry students by bringing us multiple signature dishes.

We were all enthusiastic at the thought of food as you can see…



This is blurry, oops. But you get a good feel for the place any how.

After filling up on marinara sauce and fresh bread, rice, calamares (too adventurous for my plain tastebuds), meatballs and other various dishes we set off to explore.

We made a stop by the Eiteljorg Museum of Western Art.





I’ll admit I’m not one for art galleries. But this one was different to others I’ve visited before as it was a combination of an art gallery and a museum, with paintings, sculptures and artifacts on display. I loved learning about Indigenous people and their culture; I felt like the paintings really told the story of their beliefs and their history. They were mesmerizing, with their colours and unbelievable detail.

There was also a storyteller in the museum who I wished I could have spoken to but I did not want to intrude on the group she was already talking with.

The saddest thing was that walking around you began to realized the romanticized view of the west is really just a disguise to cover a history of cruelty, genocide and destruction of Indigenous people and their identity. Looking around I found it difficult to understand why colonists wanted to destroy such a unique culture. But there are so many situations where this happened throughout history and continues to do so today.

Despite all the injustice suffered, pride remains.

From the museum we headed over to the war memorial, making a pit stop at a chocolate shop along the way. It would have been rude not to. Strolling around we took in the architecture, the shops and the history.

10606232_10152507565838922_3298371750168028492_n 10653561_10152507563823922_4467077190903669143_n 10678633_10152507567203922_5682025417411291269_n

1006091_10152507568263922_694044178861960492_n 10418366_10152507569138922_2994388956392171258_n 1382995_10152507569363922_4289286038724491646_n

Potbelly’s sandwich shop was the perfect place to pick up snacks for the journey home. The walls were filled with memorabilia and the shelves were stacked with novels and poetry.

I spent the day enjoying the company of people from all around the world. It made a change to be exploring a place with a group of people rather than alone or with a couple of people. In years to come I know this will definitely be an experience I will fondly look back on. It was simple, relaxed, a day to forget about work, bills and life with no fuss. It was just what I needed.


Hannah xo



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