a slice of adventure

A Slice of Adventure: Philadelphia

So the story begins with an advert in NME (New Musical Express) magazine in the early 1960’s. From what I gather (there is a chance I got the story mixed up) there was a girl from Liverpool who liked The Beatles and for some reason got a lot of letters. So many in fact NME placed an advert saying if anyone wanted to be connected with a pen pal they could. So my Mum did and so did Jo from Philadelphia, USA. 50 years, a few visits and countless letters later they’re still friends. Over fall break I got the chance to go and meet Jo and her family for the very first time.

What a trip.


Who’s is the big chair at the back you ask? Oh George Washington’s!!!!


William Penn’s statue on top of City Hall

P1030282 P1030366 P1030347 P1030344 P1030343 P1030322 P1030316 P1030304

We walked a lot and saw a lot and laughed a lot. Perfect. I had some of the most incredible food, a proper Philly Cheese Steak (no I didn’t eat the lot), soft pretzels, cannoli’s, delicious pasta, blueberry pie – you name it, I probably ate it. We saw ol’ George Washington’s actual chair. HE SAT THERE. As an American Studies student I have to say it was pretty amazing seeing where the declaration of independence was signed and see Betsy Ross’s house.

It was also lovely to spend time in a real home, with homemade meals and tea before bed. Ahh. I wish Mum could have visited Jo with me, but won’t be long before we can all Skype together!

One thing I’ve learnt to do whilst on study abroad… pack lightly. I love not waiting at baggage claim!

Until next time, Philly.

Hannah xo


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