lemonade letters

Lemonade Letters #5: September & Reflection

First signs of Autumn. (my instagram @murphyhannah)

First signs of Autumn. (my instagram @murphyhannah)

Dear September,

You’ve been a little different this year. I’ve been grasping moments of reflection in between all the chaos. Simply because it has been one whole year since I started university. A decision that changed my life in a million ways and put me through the unimaginable. It’s no secret that I struggled but looking back now I can see how much it has allowed me to grow as a person. For starters, I’m now writing this 4000 miles away from home, an opportunity I personally wouldn’t have had without university. The friends I’ve met, things have seen and done mean I’m beyond grateful for my education. I recently wrote an assignment based on identity, with one question being where you consider home. Of course my family home is home but if I’m completely honest Keele has become a home to me too. I’ll regret saying that next year when I’m back in the bubble (we have a love/hate relationship, Keele and I), but I guess I mean it. It opened my eyes to things around me, cultures, languages, friendships and how a night in the SU is never uneventful.

Last year I was ready for a change and very reluctantly threw myself into the unknown. I guess sometimes it works out to trust yourself and go with it.

September, you were also different this year because I also missed a lot of things this time around. My Dad’s birthday, my best friends 21st, Keele’s Freshers Week and my niece and nephew’s first day of primary school. The good outweighs the bad of course with my All-American experience.

I’m now asking myself many questions as I deal with my new surroundings. How can I make this time matter? How can I use what I’ve learnt here when I return home?

Maybe throughout next month I’ll find the answers.

Until next year,

Hannah xo


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