oh hi / ohio

Oh hi, Ohio.


A positive quote from one of my favourite Queen’s.

As I type I’m eating a soggy Subway salad whilst watching New Girl. Aren’t I the ultimate multi-tasker? I’ve been in Ohio for two full days and I’m trying my best to suss out the nearby area. I haven’t exactly had the warmest welcome with little information being passed to us international students. However, with a campus tour arranged for tomorrow I’m hoping everything begins to fall into place.

I’ve learnt so much these past few weeks of my travels and saw things I could only of wished to see in my dreams. A new and different university experience,  I can imagine, will only help me to learn more about this country as well as myself. As of right now I feel pretty lost, mainly because I have no idea where anything is and campus is so quiet. But like my sister wisely said to me its the “calm before the storm”. Most students move in within the next few days and so my dorm is sure to be livelier then.

The mild loneliness I’ve been experiencing has been cured with phone calls, skype calls with friends and some company in my new dorm friend who I went with to get ice cream earlier today. I just remind myself I’m in a new environment, with unfamiliar faces and accents and soon I’ll get myself into a routine. I’m a creature of habit, so once I find myself a cozy coffee shop to haunt every day, I’ll be just fine.

I’ve been messaging Georgia who came here on exchange a couple years ago and she’s been great at recommending local places to eat and so on. I’m beyond grateful for her help. Speaking to my soon to be roommate on Facebook has been so helpful too. The one thing I’ve noticed here is that the majority of people are really friendly.

Tomorrow there’s a welcome event that’s running at a local church. I’m not too sure what to expect but I’m being optimistic and looking forward to meeting new faces.

With classes starting next week I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write/moan/laugh about.

Hannah xo


5 thoughts on “Oh hi, Ohio.

  1. I love that quote! I still wish I’d done study abroad, it’s definitely something I regret doing, though I did meet my boyfriend in the first semester of second year at Keele, so perhaps that wouldn’t have ever happened if I’d gone abroad. I hope you feel more settled soon, I can imagine it must be so weird settling down into a new uni after having only recently finished first year. Good luck! I hope the welcome event brings some new people into your life and knowledge about the area. And perhaps people will start providing you with more info, I know one of my friends who went to Canada and another who went to America found they arrived to little information.

    Best of luck!

    I look forward to hearing more about your experience 🙂


    • I’m very glad I’m having this experience but a lot of my friends decided to wait, you have the rest of your life to go to other countries, internships, volunteering, post grad or whatever 🙂 Thank you so much for your support! I’ll be updating loads on here when I get into the swing of things. And you should definitely keep me up to date on all things Keele related. When I’m back we could meet up? I think I’ve seen you around campus but was too shy to say hey haha. Hannah x

  2. Oh I hope you get more settled soon Hannah! Once you get a routine and campus gets busier I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine – can’t wait to hear more as usual!


    • Thank you so much Bella! Yep I’m definitely a creature of habit the majority of the time and like a little bit of routine haha. When do you finish your masters? Or have you already?

      Hannah xo

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