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A Slice of Adventure: Hollywood Part 2

By now it had been a week and a half and we had crammed a lot into our days in both San Francisco and Hollywood. As a person I’m very organised but we never had a strict itinerary for our days just a rough idea of what we’d like to see and who we would be meeting up with. Many people say some of the best moments when travelling are the most spontaneous. I agree. Obviously do the research of your must see places and so on but it’s always worth a check to see what your hostel or hotel are offering when you arrive. Guided tours ran by our hostel were cheap, relaxed and it meant we got to chat with other travelers which is always nice. We never thought we’d go to Runyon Canyon but since our hostel offered it as a guided walk we took up the opportunity. Sweating in the midday heat was worth this, incredible (for want of a better word) view of Los Angeles. (This post is going to be pretty photo heavy).

P1000281 P1000265 P1000273It was a little hazy but amazing nonetheless. Sadly I didn’t see Chad Michael Murray wandering around walking his dog. One can dream. Afterwards we went off to lunch (yep, Tender Greens again) with a couple of people from our hostel. We absolutely demolished the salads after all our exercise and scuttled back to our hostel because at 3pm we were leaving for our tour at the Warner Bros studios.

I cannot tell you how excited I was.

P1000288The little town square below has been home to Gilmore Girls, Hart of Dixie and Pretty Little Liars. I was in two minds about sharing these images because I feel like it spoils things for anyone who may visit but I decided that just a few will do no harm. But if you are visiting soon then, *SPOILER ALERT*.



The stars glamorous trailers…



Here comes one of my absolute highlights…

P1000328 P1000326 P1000330 P1000329

P1000336The original set was a little larger than this but not by much. This was set up inside an old storage unit when the director wished to have a final interview with the cast. It was amazing how detailed the set is. After being one of those annoying people who quotes friends for years, to actually sit on the sofa was the strangest feelings.

The original set was in Stage 24 I believe.

P1000352We also got to see the Ellen studio, but photographs were sadly not allowed inside.


Along the way we got sneak peaks into the set of Mike and Molly, Batman costumes, props and even the actual Batmobile’s and also a HUGE insight into Pretty Little Liars, which included the biggest spoiler. But my lips are sealed.

The street below has been used in around 600,000 TV shows and movies including the scene where Ross and Joey from Friends climb down from the roof.  Annie was also filmed here too.

P1000385 P1000387

I won’t share any more but I really had the best afternoon and it was well worth the money to see the effort that goes in to making such entertaining shows.

The following day I went along to Ellie’s meeting at StyleHaul which was about her YouTube channel and then we zipped over to Beverly Hills where we spent hours in awe at the sheer beauty of the place. First of all the city actually has free Wi-fi. Amazing. Here’s a few snaps from one of the cleanest, shiniest and most luxurious places I’ve ever been to.



My dress is from River Island, the hat is from H&M and the sandals are some old Faith ones.

P1000393 P1000395 P1000398 P1000403 P1000408 P1000411


I really only tried this iced coffee by chance because we’d been walking for a while and really wanted a Starbucks, in one respect for a drink but another because we needed a wee. Lovely. So we took our chances by venturing into Nespresso and were seated at a table. We were scared to look at prices but in fact it wasn’t too bad. This coffee cost $7 dollars,  which I was quite surprised at seeing as it is only $3 more than Starbucks and included two delicious scoops of ice cream and chocolate shavings. It was a lovely treat whilst we were in Beverly Hills.

Afterwards we headed back to the hostel picking up an orchid plant on the way as gift for Sue and Trevor, who were due to whisk us away to Huntington Beach at any moment.

It was great to experience Hollywood and all its offerings. I found it surreal seeing so many iconic places all in one area. However, I do believe that in the media we see it through rose tinted glasses and it is not what you expect. My sister had visited before and so I had a rough idea what it would be like. It is 100% worth visiting though, especially for any film fanatics out there.

The highlight for me was visiting the Mann’s Chinese Theatre, it is full of history and you really are in awe of the architecture, the scale of it and of course the many iconic costumes, props and memorabilia inside. I’m glad I visited a place where many of my favourite actors have lived, worked and loved.

Hannah xo



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