a slice of adventure

A Slice of Adventure: Hollywood Part 1

“Cause we’re in Hollywood!” – Madonna

Despite being really tired from late nights, early starts, airport waits, a flight and a sharp change in temperature after being dropped off at our hostel by the lovely Sue and Trev, we whacked our legs out, hid our chunky flight comfies and off we marched. Destination number one, The Mann’s Chinese Theatre…


Our hostel was the perfect location for everything we wanted to do being seconds away from Hollywood Boulevard. If you are ever looking for a hostel over here make sure you check out USA Hostels. As far as I know they have one in San Francisco too (which in retrospect, we would definitely have gone too!). The rooms were decent sized with large lockers which you could charge your valuables inside with peace of mind. En-suite bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, outdoor patio (amazing, I know), laundry facilities and luggage storage. What I found reassuring was the fact we had to show our room keys to a camera on the outside gate after 7.30pm and show our keys at reception too, in order to get up to our room. There was a security guy too which again was reassuring especially being in Hollywood.

Anyway back to the tourist adventure…

I was in my element seeing all the old film stars hand prints and knowing they were actually there at some point. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve inherited my Mum’s love of of the golden, glitzy, classic Hollywood era. To think that Betty Grable, Judy Garland and even my beloved Jen Aniston (she’s classic in her own right) had stood where I was now standing was amazing. I took so many photo’s to send home to Mum and the rest of the gang.


Like I say I was in my element so we paid $10 to go inside for a tour – which I LOVED. They have actual dresses and costumes that the actresses wore over 60 years ago. Which when you’ve seen them thousands of times in movies and you get some perspective and witness them up front is really pretty amazing. They all had the tiniest waists. Here’s Judy’s Dorothy costume from The Wizard of Oz.




Our hostel ran several tours or shuttles to many major tourist attractions. One being a walking tour to the Hollywood sign. Which was a map-free, stress-free and okay not quite fee free, but for $7 including bus fare to take you to the bottom of the hills it was a steal. The walk up the hills was a humid one! But I really enjoyed seeing some weird and wonderful sights, plus we got a good workout too.


Our tour guide recommended Tender Greens for a lunch spot when we asked him. We owe him big time. We loved it and went back three days straight. It’s a California based salad bar that tastes incredible, especially when you’ve had enough of burgers. I had a romaine hearts salad with ceaser dressing and roasted vegetables which was delicious. However, I recommend trying the romaine salad as a hot plate with chicken and mashed potato, with the mint lemonade. It is yummy.




I’ll leave you with the thought of this delicious salad…

The next post will be all about me sitting on THE couch from Friends. And more delicious food.

Hannah xo


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