lemonade letters

Lemonade Letters #3: Noticing July

Dear July,

Every year when you come around you tend to pass quietly, with little significance. There are no birthday’s of loved ones, anniversaries or any special occasions relevant to my life. Except this year. This year July marks a moment of change, excitement and emotion. I’ve been on a countdown for months now and every day that passed was one more closer to the trip of a lifetime. One that no matter what I want or need, will change my path in life in unimaginable ways.

It’s funny when you wish for time to slow down, it feels like the pace is quickening,  snowballing even like never before. Is that through impatience, lack of appreciation or a trick of the mind, who knows? But it happens all the same.

From now on July, you’ll be significant in my life. Significant as the month that tested me like no other.

Until next year,

Hannah xo




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