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A Slice of Adventure: San Francisco Part 1

Have you ever had that feeling when you wake up and for a split second you forget where you are? Me too. When I woke up this morning it definitely took a couple of seconds to realise I wasn’t in my bedroom in dear old England. Nah uh, I’m right here in San Francisco, baby.

After a stream of farewell tears at the airport, a helluva long flight, seemingly endless security ques and a ride in a shuttle van, we finally arrived at our base! I felt extremely disorientated when we arrived, tired, emotional, nervous, panicking about everything. But sleep is a wonderful remedy and the next day I was itching to explore.

In 48 hours here, we have done a crazy amount of things. I’m travelling with my friend Ellie who has a couple of friends in Sacramento and they kindly came to show us around. I cannot put into words whow, generous and fun, Jaymie and David are to be around. They gave us a real tour of the city from the Painted Ladies and the windiest road in California, to the Golden Gate bridge and the piers. I couldn’t have wished for a warmer welcome to San Francisco.

P1000062 This green cable car reminded me of that Robert Downey Jr movie, Hearts and Souls. P1000061 P1000056 Turtle shaped bread!P1000055

Casually cruising over the bridge…

… to see the most beautiful sight. If you can get across to the fort it is well worth the trip, even if there is fog. Personally, I like the fog it makes it seem (forgive me) magical. 

Here’s a pair of diamonds.
P1000041 P1000039 P1000022

Fisherman’s Wharf is of course a tourist’s haven but don’t let it put you off. The views are priceless and the buzz in the air makes you want to wander around for hours. Just be sure to carry a warm jumper with you, breezy ain’t in it.

Especially if you go on a boat trip around the bay towards Alcatraz.

P1000073If you have any interest in going on the inside tour, make sure you book ahead. We’re desperately trying to get our hands on some tickets as it’s booked up until late August!

A huge thanks is owed to David and Jaymie, so so grateful. I have lots more to share, mostly food photo’s because well, I’m in America. Need I say more?

Hannah xo


6 thoughts on “A Slice of Adventure: San Francisco Part 1

  1. San Francisco is so beautiful I’d love to go there one day! Not sure I could cope with all the hills though 😛 And I’m obsessed with the turtle bread ❤

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

  2. Can’t wait to see more! I visited San Fran when I was about 16 and was a bit underwhelmed (it was so cold haha) but I really wanna go back and give it another chance!


    • Awh I can’t wait to post more too! I get what you mean it is very cool here. We’ve been here for roughly 5 days and I feel that’s definitely enough, we’re ready to move on now. Xo

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