oh hi, ohio

24 hours.



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It’s the morning of Sunday the 27th July 2014. As I’m writing this it is exactly 24 hours until flight one of my journey to the US is due to take off. Let’s be honest, cut the airy fairy crap and say I’m scared. Although, it’s a good kind of scared, different to anything I’ve felt before. After saying goodbye to my sister and my niece yesterday, it really hit me how difficult this will be emotionally. Obviously I’ll be coming back and we can Skype and so on but my family are extremely close and this is a new experience for all of us. Normally no matter how I’m feeling, a cuddle from my niece and nephew can make everything better… and now I won’t have them on demand haha. It does mean however, that I’ll get the best ones ever when I arrive back home.

Both of them have asked me “why do you have to go away Hannah?” and the truth is, I don’t have too. I chose too. Yesterday I said to my Mum that I feel this is something I just have to do. (Doesn’t that sound like a line from a Nicholas Sparks movie?) Deep down I’ve always wanted to travel and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I’m scared of the unknown, what will it be like, who will I meet and so on. All I know is that this will be a test of my character and a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a culture in this way. Hopefully it helps me understand what I want to do in the Journalism field, but I’ll be happy just with the satisfaction of proving to myself I was strong enough to do it and that my incessant worrying doesn’t dictate my life.

Even if only one person reads my rambling blog,  that’s okay! I would just like to have a place to capture my thoughts and feelings and remember exactly how I was feeling from the beginning to end of my adventure. A place where I can document a period in my life which going from past experience will certainly be eventful. If somehow I do get to share it with others then what a comfort that will be.

Today will be full of “see you later’s” and tears and fingers crossed just one more of my mum’s roast dinners, which are delicious! After that I just need to make it through a 15 hour flight without breaking down! Who knows what the next instalment of “Oh hi, Ohio” will hold.

If you’re reading this I hope you had a great weekend,

Hannah xo


2 thoughts on “24 hours.

  1. I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine!

    I totally understand what it’s like when people don’t want you to move away. I moved to London from Scotland and it took a lot of my friends quite a while to accept that I felt it was something I had to do! At least you know it’s only for a set time.

    Best of luck!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

    • Thank you! I’ve been here a couple of days now and it is yet to feel real. I’m soaking everything up as much as possible. Glad you made the choice for yourself xo

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