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“I got sunshine, on a cloudy day…”

After a family gathering yesterday that was filled with Pimm’s, banter and goodbye’s in aid of my American adventure, I felt like I needed to unwind today.

My Dad always used to take me on bike rides when I was little and since the sun was out, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so today.

We biked along the cycle track I told you about last week, but this time in the opposite direction, more towards the city centre. My Dad has been a postman for 30 years and after spending roughly 28 of those on the post bikes, he has everywhere mapped out. So he decided to leave the cycle track and take a little detour to a lane that runs right through Chester Zoo. It’s not a free entry pass of course mind , it is fenced off ha. But you do get a sneaky peak at a couple of animals including some deer’s. (Woo yeah!).

The lane leads onto a country lane that is home to “Pretty Bridge”.


You can see where the name comes from, eh? It’s one of those places I always remember. Mum still beeps her horn as she drives over since there is only room enough for one car.

When we had our little red car we would always have some kind of 60’s music in the cassette player. “My Girl” especially reminds me of summer days, and because of the film – bike rides! How can you not smile when you hear that song?! It was actually because of that film I wanted a bike with streamers. (Also, I’m still yet to meet anyone called Vada).

Now all that cycling is thirsty work, so Dad took the opportunity to have a pint. Don’t worry, just the one.


It’s been a great weekend and I’m glad I’ve spent time with my family before I’m US bound!

How have you spent your weekend?

Hannah xo


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