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Do you ever have those moments where you feel you may roundhouse kick the next person in sight simply because it seems like everything is working against you? Yes, this is a freshly brewed pot of self pity. Although you’ll be pleased to know I didn’t hurt an innocent passer by, I went for a calming walk in the sunshine instead.

This is how it started…

Of course it basically boils down to the root of all my stress, study abroad and the endless pounds leaving my bank account. Last week I told you how I had paid my accommodation etc, which to me meant, no more bills! How wrong was I…

Thursday morning arrives and I (with my sixth sense) thought it would be a good idea to check the finance section on my university account. Only to be greeted with a bill around the $4700 mark. I can’t even describe what my reaction was. (I can, I was hysterical). One item was simply listed as a “general fee”. I thought the hidden charges I’d incurred already were bad, such as the £80 service charge just to pay my bill online. Is that even legal? Who knows. After around 45 minutes of panicking about which of my belongings would make the most money when put on ebay… I called the study abroad officer at my home uni. A few hours later after a couple of email exchanges it turns out half of those things I won’t need to pay for, the charges are sent to all students then exchange students are taken back off the list. Great news, but what about the sheer fear I just experienced?!

Everyone at both universities works incredibly hard to keep things ticking over, but I really do wish there was a little more communication. It would be great if students knew what was going to happen next, time scales, confirmation when forms are sent off and so on. In all honesty I’ve felt like I’ve been in the dark a lot of the time and everything I know is because I’ve gone asking. Like I say both teams work super hard and I really get how stressful it must be at this time of year. Things are sent to try us, but I’m excited to finally leave for my travels soon! It will be an adventure to say the least.

So off we went to forget about life for an hour or so.


The thing I love the most about where I live is the location. We have easy access to our city centre as well as Liverpool and Manchester nearby. But we’re not short of green spaces either, living on the welsh border and near the Cheshire countryside. We went down to the cycle tracks that were old railway lines many years ago. The tracks were picked up, making way for a car free zone for cyclists, joggers, dog walkers and children. It runs for miles, right through Chester all the way into North Wales. Just a few weeks ago I cycled this route and then crossed onto the River Dee which also has a path running alongside it.

Now please excuse my appearance but it was the least of my worries that day. Gotta love this hair do…


It was nice to spend some time with my sister, we chatted, laughed and sang along to Gangsta’s Paradise for no reason. Most importantly I forgot all about my earlier stress…

Until I got home to a letter asking for more money, this time it was to order bed linen!

“Goooooooosfraba!!” (YouTube it)

Hannah xo


4 thoughts on “Goosfraba

  1. What an awful situation to be in! It’s so fortunate you didn’t have to pay the full amount, but I just think that’s an absolutely horrible thing to do to someone. They should definitely have a side note on there that explains exchange students will need to contact someone to find out their discount.
    This is one of the reasons I am so glad I didn’t attend university. I do envy those who have and a lot of the time wish I had, but I know the financial stress would have probably killed me!

    • It definitely has been one of the most difficult things about university, especially financing study abroad. I don’t regret going to university though, different things work for different people and my path certainly hasn’t been straightforward. But I definitely believe everything works its way out. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I loved your travel post the other day!

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