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Three weeks.

Tomorrow means it will be three weeks to go. Now is about the time to start freaking out isn’t it. Although, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that my accommodation, meal plan and insurance are all paid for. After a couple of errors, phone calls and emails I finally got given a room in the correct halls. The huge amount of money that will most likely leave my bank account tomorrow morning is pretty soul destroying. But what is the point of saving if you don’t spend it hey? I’ve heard good things about my halls which is so comforting. Apparently it has a real community feel to it, which sounds perfect for when I’m settling in. I also know the name of my room mate, which is still a strange concept to me. I’m not too sure what to expect. The good thing about university here is you always have your room which is your own space. A place where you can hide when things get too much or sleep until someone slams a door, or decides to play creepy tunes on their keyboard. (That was a strange experience). I grew up sharing a room with my sisters which of course never bothered me, but a total stranger is a bit daunting. What if you clash? Have different habits and how do you know they’re trustworthy? If anyone has ever had a room mate at university before please let me know how it went. What made things that little bit easier? I keep thinking, what if my poor room mate just cannot deal with my insistent 90’s  karaoke sessions, that sadly are just part of my daily routine now?! Ah, I guess I’ll just have to tone it down….


Everyone loves a bit of “Say You’ll Be There”….no?

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10 thoughts on “Three weeks.

  1. Good luck with your big move! It can definitely be nervewracking going somewhere unfamiliar. I was lucky enough to move straight in with my boyfriend when I started uni, so never had to deal with living with strangers but I still felt so nervous on my first day!

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

    • Thanks for your support! Nerves are normal i suppose aren’t they 🙂 I was really lucky to end up with a great bunch of friends for my first year. Fingers crossed i will this time, what will be will be i guess xo

  2. I had a roommate and to be honest, we were TOTAL opposites in every single way and needless to say we did not become best friends! We actually barely spoke, but it still worked in its own way – keep in mind that Americans are all completely used to sharing rooms so it’s totally normal to them! I found that everyone at my college just used their rooms differently to us – everyone was so busy that rooms were just really a space for changing, sleeping and occasionally phone calls/skype. I also know a few exchange girls who were really good friends with their roommates so don’t worry, whatever happens, it’ll be fine!


    • I hadn’t thought of it like that before, about them being used to sharing. I can understand what you mean about them using their rooms in a different way too, that really makes sense. Just want to say thank you for all the advice you’ve shared with me so far, I really appreciate it 🙂 xo

      • No problems at all! I could honestly talk about study abroad forever haha and I know how much it helps having someone to ask silly questions – feel free to tweet/email me (bjollyblog@gmail.com) if you ever want!

  3. Good luck! I think room mates can be hit and miss…My friend went to Northampton uni for a little while and her and her room mate clashed completely. She had her boyfriend up to stay around her birthday all the way from Cornwall and even though she asked if it was alright with her room mate several times way before he came and she said it was absolutely fine, she reported my friend for it and they had to sleep in the common room for the night! Which has no locks! But that’s a pretty worst case – and I wouldn’t want someone’s boyfriend staying in my room anyway tbh, but there’s better ways to go about it! Though people who I know that went on study abroad shared their room and became best friends with the people they lived with. You’re both in the same situation so you’ll have at least that in common! I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time 🙂 If you get to know your room mate a bit before too that’ll be even better!


    • Bloody hell what a nightmare! I suppose it can go either way and you just need to make the most of the situation 🙂 thanks for the advice xo

  4. You will have an absolutely amazing time, take it from someone who knoooows.
    Just enjoy it while you can & enjoy the moving in part, that’s the hardest but also the funnest part 🙂 xxx


  5. Thank you 🙂 my first move in day at uni here was hilarious because you’re just all thrown together haha. Luckily i won’t have jet lag by the time I head up to Ohio, so I’ll actually be able to communicate! Xo

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