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Lemonade Letters #2: June & Patience


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Dear June,

You didn’t stick around long. Actually you were quite impatient and admittedly so was I. My last night at uni came around and I finally moved back home permanently. Just as I wanted things to slow down, the pace just seemed to quicken all of a sudden. Emails, phone calls and letters have been blurring everything and stopping me from savouring my time at home with everyone. I’ve been finding it difficult to keep  up and yet at the same time I’m wanting answers sooner.  My excuse for  all the impatience I’ve been radiating lately is simply down to the fact that I want everything ticked and boxed off. Now, preferably. This way I feel like I can relax, enjoy my time at home before I pack up my life.

June, I think I’ve been a little hard on you. But who’s perfect eh? I always maintain that you should prioritise self awareness. Be aware of yourself, your actions and the consequences on your own life and those around you. Of course we may become blind sighted occasionally. But ultimately if you have an ounce of self awareness then there’s still hope and you can learn from your mistakes.

I promise to lose the ‘tude I’ve gained out of sheer frustration at things beyond my control right now. Accept things take time, have a little patience and above all else maintain integrity.

Until next year,


Lemonade Letters was inspired by Emily and her beautiful Dear July series.


One thought on “Lemonade Letters #2: June & Patience

  1. Lovely post! I love reading people’s letters to the months I’ve got one scheduled for tomorrow as well. I agree that it went so fast I can hardly believe we’re over half way through the year!

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

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