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In The Lemon-light: Hey Nadine!

I’ve been reading blogs for years now and have many favourites. So I thought it would be nice to start sharing them with others and put the bloggers I love in the lime lemon-light (geddit? aha). Up first is Canadian travel vlogger, Nadine.

Nadine blogs at Hey Nadine! and vlogs over on YouTube too. Her packing guide quite honestly made me feel a helluva lot more prepared for my upcoming trip. Who knew quick-dry towels were a thing?! Evidently, not me. She’s so organised and has some great tips for all the travelling essentials you may need. Not to mention she went hiking up a muddy mountain, barefoot may I add, on her latest trip to Fiji. Babe.

Her recent Travel Talk series was also really handy to watch, considering I’ll be leaving for the US in around 4 weeks time. Nadine and Mandy collaborated on the one below, which was all about living in a foreign country and assimilating to other cultures. Nadine has such a comforting nature, in fact it’s almost like she’s chatting to you as a friend.

UntitledScreenshot from “Travel Talk: Living Abroad”

It is so funny to think how decades ago travelling must have been much scarier. People really were going into the unknown without  TripAdvisor to find out the best places to stay and instant access to photographs of different cultures. (I’m talking about you, Instagram).

Luckily its 2014 and we have Nadine on hand to share some of her wisdom and inspire others to pack up their troubles.

Hope you enjoy her blog/vlogs as much as me!

Hannah xo


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