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A Slice of Adventure: Ireland Part 2, Dublin

After two nights in Cork, a lot of Italian food and a whole lot more walking we woke up super early to catch our 7am train to Dublin.

We decided to just have a chilled out day and browse around the shops as the weather wasn’t too great. In fact it got crazy windy so we ducked into the tiniest, quirkiest cafe ever. If I remember rightly it had disco toilets. Yep, lots of coloured lights whizzing around whilst you pee.


A couple of mocha’s later we ventured into the cold and stumbled across a bookshop. We browsed over lots of titles and laughed at some of the sarcastic books, which would have made for great future birthday presents for my family. If only I had brought a suitcase with me! But this one really caught my eye…


A signed copy of Carl Berstein and Bob Woodward’s account of the Watergate scandal that shook up Nixon’s America, back in the seventies. Being an American Studies student this naturally fascinates me. The fact they were journalists is even more fascinating to me and it reminds why I want to experience the field, how important it is to document life’s events.

Apparently Berstein attended the history festival hosted at the bookshop, which I thought was pretty cool.


After some pub grub we headed back to our hostel on College Street. The staff were lovely, it was clean and spacious and breakfast was provided – including pancakes! Sadly I had to head out before they were ready but still, pancakes! I felt more at ease at this hostel and would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap stay in Dublin City Centre.

Afterwards we headed back out for an obligatory pint of Guinness.


Then onto the nights main event. Now if like me you didn’t know, the 26th January is actually known as Australia Day. So, the Woolshed Baa and Grill were celebrating with Bushtucker trials and all kinds of Aussie pop hits!

We had a great night sipping cider and dancing REALLY badly, #YOLO etc etc.


The next morning I  headed off bright and early to catch my flight back to Liverpool. Sydney was making the most of her free time and flying to Edinburgh. Which meant I was about to board my first ever flight alone.


Luckily it was only another 50 minute flight but I was beyond nervous. My mind was racing ahead of me but I took it one step at a time. Just get the bus to the airport, then make your way to security, find your gate, board, and just relax. It did the trick and I proved to myself I could do it alone. It was a big deal to me and I feel much better about travelling parts of the US alone knowing I’ve boarded a plane alone before.

With only 24 hours in Dublin this isn’t the most typical Dublin post you’ll read, but it was my experience nonetheless. I had fun and even if it was only a 50 minute plane journey across the water it was a nice break from home. I can’t wait for the next time I head back to Ireland.

That’s it for the flashbacks for now!

Hannah xo




2 thoughts on “A Slice of Adventure: Ireland Part 2, Dublin

  1. I was exactly the same! I was like I’m going to do something so silly. But when I finally got off the plane it was a weird sense of achievement haha! Xo

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