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Pieces of the puzzle.




Slowly but surely the pieces are beginning to come together for my trip. A couple of weeks ago I made the trip down to London for my visa appointment. It wasn’t quite how I expected it to be but after a lot of queuing and waiting around it was approved – thankfully! Our West Coast trip is all booked now too from flights to accommodation and insurance. I can’t believe that in less than 6 weeks time we’ll be toddling around San Francisco. Something I never thought I would say at the age of 19. We do have a couple of ideas of what we want to get up to around the city, but if anyone has any suggestions of something we simply cannot miss whilst we’re there then feel free to let me know.

Anyone that knows me personally will be able to tell you how I’m stressed about something 95% of the time. But organising study abroad is really testing my limits with endless questions, lack of communication and 5 hour time differences and so on. Health insurance is now also costing my almost triple what I estimated. Which is pretty soul destroying. What’s more I’m having a mare with my Post Office travel card after the lady at the counter entered my date of birth wrong. Cue the unhelpful/endless phone calls to customer services. Which by the way, Student Finance have the most dramatic on hold music ever?! Definitely sounds like it should be for Holby City or something.  (Complete tangent, but there is the worst car alarm going off outside. It sounds like the ants from that old black and white movie called Them!I’m not sure what I’m even writing any more but just wanted to write a little update. Like I said, things are slowly piecing together but I’m still waiting for a campus room assignment and confirmation that somebody will be at the airport to pick me up when I arrive! I feel like I have a lot riding on this study abroad trip but I’m trying to cast all my worries aside and just go with it. Everything will come together in the end.

On the plus side I’m super happy for my best friend who started who very first day on a placement in a primary school today! The kids didn’t cause her to have a mental breakdown…yet 🙂

Seeing as I’ve had a good old rant it’s only fair you have the chance to do so. What was your worst customer services experience? Go on, I know you want to.

Hannah xo


4 thoughts on “Pieces of the puzzle.

  1. It is so stressful but it’s worth it in the end! Is there an international student centre/office at your exchange school? Mine were SO helpful with any little questions! And I’m sure you’ll have been told this before but definitely go over to Alcatraz while you’re in San Fran, it is fascinating!


    • Yep there sure is, although they haven’t been in contact very much. Until today after several emails to various people from me haha. Ah yeah, I heard there is also like a night tour of Alcatraz which is meant to be cool. Can’t wait to get stuck in 🙂 hope you’re well xo

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