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Through The Lemon Lens – University: 1 year later

igAn entire year of my degree is complete. Just like that.

This term feels like it has flown by. I can’t seem to get my head around it to be honest. Where are my to do lists? Books to read? Assignments to whinge about? If I was to have told myself back in October that I would make it to the end of my first year I would, without a shadow of a doubt, have tried to argue otherwise. But here I am.

University challenges you in ways you can never prepare for. I had no idea what was in stall for me, how things worked or what it was all about. Its not been plain sailing, that’s for sure. I’ve had many ups and plenty of downs and said the words “I can’t do it” more than I would care to admit. It has been one of the toughest years of my life and I know everyone always says these sorts of things, but I really couldn’t have done it without my friends and family.

Independence is something to be cherished, but needing support doesn’t make you weaker.  My friends and family give me encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, laughter, perspective and a bloody good talking to if need be. However, selfishness is something that consumes my thoughts. I hate burdening people with my problems and I struggle with the guilt it brings. Everyone has their own worries, priorities and goals and of course I don’t want to be the Spannah (congrats if you get my awful joke) in the works. I try to make a concious effort to always be reliable and  loyal and go the extra mile for people when possible. Sometimes I fall short of that…because in the words of Marina and The Diamonds, I am not a robot. But accepting help and giving back is another life lesson which I’m slowly learning to balance.

So yep, University one year on. I’ve met some amazing friends and had opportunities I never thought I’d have. My family and friends have been my rock (more like a fort) and I hope they know how grateful I am!


Helen and Hannah you shall go to the ball.


Trying to revise on a sunny day ends up with selfies and magnum breaks. Of course I forgot to change the setting. Trust me.


Bit hard to see but there were two geese by the lake and they had the tiniest, cutest little goslings.


Exam done. Picnic time. Pimms at 12pm, why not? The poshest picnic I’ve ever been to.


Spring blossom.


Intended to revise. Obviously didn’t.


LOVE this girl. Without her how would I have coped with……..every lesson?!


Keele Hall on a peaceful Sunday morning.























Keele is so much nicer in Spring than Winter!

I will never be a “fresher” again. Hahaha!

If you’re off to uni or are at uni now then I’d love to know what you’re up to!

Hannah xo

(All photographs taken on my Lemon Fujifilm Instax Mini)




2 thoughts on “Through The Lemon Lens – University: 1 year later

  1. I’m so scared about leaving university but I find it such hard work too! I love your polaroid pictures I’ve always wanted one of those cameras 😀 xx

    • It is definitely a scary thought, but you’ll be fine. I’ve found this year so tough but made it through! The camera is so fun to use there’s something really nice about watching it develop 🙂 xo

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