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Set the wheel in motion.



The study abroad office were not joking when they said the exchange is a long, ongoing process when they delivered the first information session back in October. I’d been a university student for a matter of weeks and I was already thinking about upping and jetting off to America for the next year. At this point I wasn’t sure if I even had what it takes to work at a degree never mind studying thousands of miles from home. But here it is in the Easter break and apparently my brain decided somewhere along the way that I could do it and now I have a place at an American university for the first semester of my second year. Insane.

Despite all the confusion, tears and worries I have had I’m now allowing myself to get excited about what lies ahead.There is so much planning to do and money to save that it’s a very scary prospect. Once I’ve received relevant paper work I’ll be applying for my visa and then its on to arranging flights, accommodation, meal plans, insurance and everything in between. I can imagine this is how people must feel when they plan a wedding or something similar. When its all finished what will I have to obsess over?!

So here is the first entry to my study abroad adventure, something I hope I can look back and cringe at in years to come.

Hannah xo


4 thoughts on “Set the wheel in motion.

    • Oh no I’m sorry to hear that. You should plan a trip somewhere to make up for lost time 🙂 thank you for stopping by, means a lot! X

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