Mixtape #1: Change is good






For the first mixtape edition I want you to think of a time in your life where you were on the cusp of change. Where something new was about to happen and you didn’t quite know how to feel about it.You were excited but naturally had a little voice of fear in the back of your mind. Have you found that memory? Now can you remember what music you liked around that time?

Whenever I hear an old song I remember exactly how I felt around the time when I first heard it. The memories come flooding back, usually with a smile too. I wanted to include a few songs that I’m listening to at the minute and a few from last summer too that will remind me how I feel now and how I did then. All of the tracks are quite “dreamy” and make me think of peaceful days out in the sunshine. They’d also be a cracking soundtrack for a cheesy feel good movie.

I’m on the cusp of change and I’m worried about all kinds of things but beneath it all I’m excited. Right now I’m incredibly lucky and I’ll be counting my blessings that I have my youth, health and the support of my incredible family and friends. So these are the ten songs I wanted to share with you to capture my feelings at this time in my life. I love that music can do this for us.

Listen to and share any songs that remind you of a time of change in your life.

Now I realise this turned into a therapy session, so excuse me but I’m off to learn Beyonce and Solange’s Coachella choreography for “Losing You”.  I joke. Or not…


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